Accounting-Tax Consulting

DIAZ PALAO & SILES Abogados, along with accounting firms and associated professionals with great experience in the aeronautic field, offers its clients accounting, taxation and financial consultancy specialized in domestic and international air transportation for passengers and cargo, among others:

  • Record of monthly transactions according to the service and preparation of monthly financial statements or as required by the company, including the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement and the notes, appendix and budgetary behavior of the revenues and expenditures accounts.
  • Maintenance and custody of the accounting records of the company, allowing access to the information for documentary inquiries, audits procedures necessary to meet requirements according to the company bylaws, as well as to the regulatory agencies.
  • Preparation of monthly tax returns, social contributions, AFPs contribution, and any obligations that the company must meet for the collection agencies and regulators.
  • Traveling to any city in Peru or the world when required for the development of accounting procedures and / or accounting representation, or as expressly required by competent authority.
  • Ongoing advice regarding accounting and operational tax issues, corrective guidelines for internal control directives and others to be strengthen by the company.
  • Guidance on the timely preparation of the Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, Statement of Income, Statement of Changes in Equity and Annual Cash Flow Statement.

Operational & Technical Consultancy

DIAZ PALAO & SILES Abogados, together with highly skilled allied professionals and experienced in the field of aeronautics, offers its customers operational & technical consulting services, general audit (IOSA) for aircraft and airlines, operational certifications different kind of transport companies. Ex:

Business passenger, freight, domestic, foreign, etc..; as well as Cargo Agents, Airport Specialized Services, aircraft maintenance facilities, etc.

Safety and Health at Work Consulting

We offer different types of advice, training and audits for the design, implementation and ongoing support of its safety and health management system. Our systems effectively control accidents and meet legal requirements.

These are some of the process we develop:

• Implementation of the Safety and Health System at Work.

• Assessment of compliance with legal requirements.

• Risk Assessments (IPERC) and risk maps.

• Work Safety Analysis (ATS).

• Safety Procedures Manuals.

• Annual Safety and Health Program.

• Surveillance Occupational Health Program.

• Plans and Emergency Brigades.

Compliance & Anti-Corruption

Given the ongoing legal requirements, mainly as a result of the perpetration of financial crimes against the public administration, DIAZ PALAO & SILES Abogados offer their prevention services through various strategic planning tools that can help companies and their legal representatives mitigate legal risks and maintain under control their reputational risk which can be affected by endogenous factors.

Among our services:

Compliance & Anti-financial Crimes:


  1. Processes Development Compliance.
  2. Prevention Compliance.
  3. Control Compliance.
  4. Criminal Compliance.
  5. Compliance Advice.



  1. Processes of Due Diligence and internal investigations.
  2. Preparation of Manuals, Codes and Standards.
  3. Anti-corruption & Anti-extortion training.
  4. Anti-corruption & Anti-extortion Advice.
  5. Working with accounting departments to comply with anti-corruption standards.

Accounting-Tax Consulting

Operational & Technical Consultancy

Safety and Health at Work Consulting

Compliance & Anti-Corruption

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