Conflict Resolution

For conflicts of civil, administrative contentious, labor, commercial, constitutional and other matters and based on our clients’ needs and objectives, our firm designs a proper strategy, that by reducing risks, must be executed by negotiation, mediation, conciliation or actions before judicial, administrative or arbitration courts.

The Conflict Resolution Area, consisting of specialized lawyers in conflict resolution, seeks to protect personal interests and assets of each national or foreign client; thus, an exhaustive analysis will be performed on the possible conflict; i.e. Which facts support the eventual claim or defense of any infringed right. Also, the parties’ lawfulness will be analyzed before an eventual conflict supported by the corresponding legislation in such way to ensure the interested party’s action certainty regarding its conformity with law before any claim or action is executed.

Conflict resolution professionals are not limited only by their knowledge of procedural regulations. Our firm prioritizes obtaining the required knowledge in all law areas which leads to achieve a comprehensive approach on each case.

DIAZ PALAO & SILES Abogados represents its clients before the judicial authority courts and the Constitutional Court in proceedings of civil, administrative contentious, commercial and constitutional nature. The firm also has broad experience in counselling and representation of companies in arbitration proceedings.

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